My name is Meir Shmuel – Piano tuner in Jerusalem and area.
Piano tuning is an art in which the piano tuner stretches the piano strings to the desired frequency, in order to allow the player to enjoy a precise, full and rich sound, which will ensure an optimal playing experience.
I will be happy to provide you with the best service for your piano.

Our Services

Piano Inspection

Are you going to buy a piano? Do not know which piano is right for you? We provide accompaniment and consultation services to purchasers in the process of purchasing a new piano or second hand piano. Piano examination before buying is highly recommended to avoid aggravation and ensure a safe and effective purchase.

Second hand Pianos

We own a selection of second-hand pianos in excellent condition. Our pianos were carefully examined, selected and treated by us. In addition to purchasing the piano, there is a possibility of a complementary service package that includes transportation, tuning and warranty (subject to the regulations)

Piano Repair

Repair and restoration of pianos. Including regulation (touch and mechanics improvement), string replacement, stuck keys, hammering, pedal correction, and any other required correction for your piano. Interior and exterior renovation of the piano, renewal of the keyboard coating, renovation of parts of the internal mechanism, and full alignment and adaptation of all elements to a perfect musical experience.

Piano Tuning

Tuning pianos with maximum accuracy and expertise, for precise and clean sound. It is recommended to tune a piano once a year or after moving the piano so that the piano will produce clean, harmonious sounds. Piano tuning is an art performed by trained piano tuner, in order to ensure the highest level musical experiences.

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Piano tuning importance

Did you know, that the tension on each string (and there are almost 200 of them..), which is responsible to produce the sound of the piano equals to 100 Kg?!

Therefore, it is important to tune your piano once a year in order to enjoy a rich and full sound.

Professional Service

The piano, although it's massive looks, is a delicate instrument, contains a variety of interior parts. Meir Shmuel, a professional piano tuner and a second generation to piano tuners family, will insure you enjoy your piano at it’s maximum.

Vision of service

Piano tuner Meir Shmuel, believes in a reliable and professional service. We are happy to offer an English speaking service and provide our services in Jerusalem and the area.


We provide service to a variety of costumers: from professional musicians and culture institutions - to privet costumers and beginners musicians. 

Second hand piano purchase

Purchasing a second hand piano is a complex process, which usually involves investing a lot of time and effort, mainly wasted on visiting damaged and untreated pianos.

Come to buy a piano in the safest way!

We own a variety of second hand pianos in great maintenance, for sale and provide a full service purchase pack which includes: transportation, tuning, an adjustable chair and full warranty (*according to terms and conditions).

You are welcomed to contact us and to come and visit our Piano gallery.

We provide service in:

  • Modiin
  • Jerusalem​
  • Mevaseret Zion & area
  • Gush Etzion
  • Beit-Shemesh
  • Tzur Hadasha & area
  • Beitar- Ilit
  • Maa'le Adomim

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